Robert Rodriguez wants to make a movie. Well, this isn't exactly big news, since Mr. Rodriguez has been releasing at least one movie every year. But he is now planning on something very different than what he is already known for. Instead of a crazy, exploitation movie packed with graphic violence (SinCity, Machete, Grindhouse, From Dusk Till Dawn), he reaches back to the rootsof childhood, and has decided to make the live action version of the Hannah-Barberacartoon, Jonny Quest.

Although at first glance this mixture seems a bit odd, weshouldn’t forget that Rodriguez is also the creator of the first threemovies of the Spy Kids franchise.

He also directed The Adventures of Sharkboy andLavagirl 3D as well. Sadly, in the eyes of the critics, these ventures didn’tend up, so it’s no wonder that he has become mostly known for the crazy violencein his other movies.

However, Jonny Quest may be a base that would change his fortunes in this genre. Jonny Quest was an adventure cartoon show,that was made back in 1964 by ABC. It got really popular in the 1980s and1990s, thanks to the Cartoon Network Channel. The show followed the gripping adventuresof a young boy, named Quest, his father, the family's bodyguard, Race Bannon, and Jonny's friends, Hadji, a Kolkatanorphan and Jonny's dog, Bandit.

Unfortunately, back in the 1960s TV shows, especiallycartoons, didn’t have the financial budget like the TV shows nowadays do, and Jonny Quest was cancelled after only one season, because it was tooexpensive.

This isn’t the first attempt to make a live action moviebased on Jonny Quest. The first try at an adaptation was back in the 1990s,after Ted Turner bought the Hannah-Barbera library. Now Robert Rodriguez notonly will direct the movie, but also will be the screenwriter of the productionalong with Terry Rossio, whose credits include The Pirates of the Caribbeansfranchise, The Mask/Legend of Zorro and National Treasure 2, to name a few.

Thescript was original written by Dan Mazeau. Dan Lin (The Lego Movie) and AdrianAskarieh (Hitman: Agent 47) are the producers of the movie who originally hiredMr. Mazeau to pen the script.

After Rodriguez and Rossio finish the script, moreinformation, about the possible release date and the actors, may come to light. Until then, we have to wait patiently, knowing that Jonny Quest’s liveaction adventures appear to be in good hands.