Looking at the latest movie trends, especially when considering blockbusters, it's clear that Hollwood has been betting mostly on scifi movies. One step further into this new trend are the postapocalyptic visions of humanity's future like Mad Max: Fury Road. Meanwhile, on the TV screens zombies seem to rule, even if they are called walkers, like in the Walking Dead, or the other's, like in HBO's Game of Thrones.

Someone may well have looked at these two striking trends and came up with the idea of combining both genres. In the end you get the movie entitled Inherit the Earth.

But this concept is not as original as some might think. In 2005, long before scifi movies or zombies were as cool as they are these days, Chriss Ryall and Ashley Wood made a comic book miniseries called Zombies vs. Robots.

Although the title Zombies vs. Robots may not sound that cool, the premise is very promising. It is set in a postapocalyptic world where zombies ran out of meat and have to chase down humanity's last baby girl. The youngling is protected by robots whose main goal is to kill zombies and clone their protected baby girl to get humanity back on the path to survival.

Academy Award nominee Craig Borten (Dallas Buyers Club) has been named as the screenwriter for this new project, entitled Inherit the Earth, leaving the fans of postapocalyptic movies with high hopes.

Additionally, Andrew Adamson has already been named as the director. Mr. Adamson directed blockbusters such as Shrek 1 & 2 and the first two installments of The Chronicles of Narnia. The movie rights were purchased by Sony and we can also find Michael Bay's (Transformers franchise) name among the Film's producers.

Meanwhile, the original comics, published by IDW in 2005, have built a whole universe and fandom that could make this new movie, Inside the Earth, a huge success in the box offices and sequels might also be on their way. The quality of the plot and potential sequels is guaranteed since the comics were nominated for the Eisner Award, which is the equivalent to an Oscar Award in the comic books industry.