In his most recent interview with Seventeen magazine, Justin Bieber told the publication that he is looking for someone who is "marriage material". The 21-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter revealed that he wants a girlfriend who is confident in herself and honest. He also says it is important for him to find her very attractive and as someone he could see himself with for the rest of his life. Could this be a message for his ex-girlfriend, actress and singer Selena Gomez? She certainly matches the criteria and according to Justin's closest friends, she is the only woman he talks about when the topic of marriage and children comes up.

Also, this last interview occurred after Bieber referred to Selena as his perfect soul mate and, a person who knows him better than anyone else, except maybe his mother.

Justin, who split from former Disney Star Selena Gomez last year, has been seen spending his time with Hollywood beauties including Kendall Jenner and Hiley Baldwin and most recently, he went on a hiking date with UK model Jayde Pierce. The superstar admitted he needs relationships with people who make him feel safe, to whom he can talk about anything without being judged.

Selena has also been romantically linked to DJ Zedd, whom she worked with on a single entitled "I want you to know". But their relationship looked more professional than romantic and didn't last too long.

This is the reason why many people have been wondering if they were really a couple or their relationship was just a PR for their new song.

However, despite everything they have been through during these years, it seems that both Justin and Selena have their hearts set on each other.

After Gomez and Zedd split, fans are hoping to see the ex-couple getting back together.

And the chances are high. Apparently, an inside source confirmed that Justin called Selena immediately after he heard about the breakup and he could not help but flirt a little with her. Miss Gomez hasn't forgotten her ex-lover either, many voices are claiming that Justin could be the real reason behind her split with Zedd!

What are YOUR thoughts? Could Jelena (Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez) happen again?