It is not the first time when the young artist was in an incident. This time its an international one, and rumors have persisted since November 2013.

Canadian-born pop star, Justin Bieber, was hit with an international arrest warrant in Rome on Wednesday. It seems that photographer Diego Pesoa is pressing charges against him for an alleged attack in November 2013.

The photographer says he tried to take a photo with the singer outside a club in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The paparazzo claims Bieber, now 21, and one of his bodyguards lashed out at him outside the club.

Right in the city's popular Palermo Hollywood neighborhood.

The singer is known for confronting paparazzi and he was even caught on tape in 2013 somewhere in London for such acts. Justin is wanted for not appearing to face charges that he allegedly got his bodyguards to beat up a photographer from Buenos Aires.

He arrived this Wednesday in Rome to film a cameo role in the film Zoolander 2 which is being shot in the Italian capital. On Wednesday morning the police officers swarmed outside a hotel in Rome where Justin checked-in. There was no arrest but some sources allege he is on an Interpol list because of an outstanding warrant.

Two Italian newspapers: La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera shared the news of the singer being quizzed at the five-star Hilton hotel where he was staying but was not arrested.

Italy has an extradition treaty with Argentina though Interpol does not issue arrest warrants itself. Interpol may send out a Red Notice informing member states that a suspect is wanted in a given country. But the newspapers from the US said that Bieber's name is not on the Argentinian Interpol list. A source close to Bieber said, "He was questioned but wasn't as serious as they made it seem."

Police denied that Bieber had been arrested but din not comment on the reports of him being questioned.

Also, the star responded via Twitter: "Rumors rumors rumors. All good. Comes with the job. Enjoying Italy and appreciate all the kind people here. Thank you. Great food :)"

Many are looking forward for other news about this incident and hope everything will end well for Justin Bieber. There's been no news of a comeback lately and many want a lot more to come from the worldwide pop-star.