On the occasion of his 21st birthday, Justin Bieber was the guest of the comedy Show 'Comedy Central Roast'. For those not familiar with the format, it is a program that has several comedians who make jokes - some offensive - about the guest. The program was recorded on March 14th and will be broadcast on March 30th and had as roast master Kevin Hart. For 5 hours, Justin Bieber had to hear several jokes about him that did not spare anything about his life, from the fans known as Beliebers, to ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. The comedians panel held figures like Will Ferrell, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Jeff Ross and Martha Stewart.

In the end, the singer addressed the comedians saying, "You were rough. This was supposed to be a birthday present." Then, more seriously, the singer made a reflection saying that the way someone gets up after a fall is what truly defines someone as a man, apologising for his behavior in the past. Remember that Bieber has been arrested for drunk driving, for throwing eggs at the neighbor's house and urinate in public, among other scandals.

According to the singer, he blames the fact that he started very young - his first debut album "My World" was released in 2009 - with the age of 12. It's clear that with this age, Justin Bieber was not prepared for what was coming. During the show, he stated that he knew he had disappointed many people, but although he is very disappointed with himself, he is also proud of the good things that he did and know that still can make good music.

The singer did not end there, showing some humility and willingness to change in his speech. "The things I did, not define who I really am. I am a kind-hearted person who loves people and, in all this, I lost some of my best qualities. So, I apologise. (...) I try to be someone that they can be proud ... I look forward to see what comes next".

"You have my word - I will not finish bankrupt, pathetic, bitter (...) I'm in a time of change. This is a new day."

It will air 31st of March in Comedy Central UK. I will be tuned to see it! And you?