TV viewers always feel a little bit sad when May comes because that's the big month of the season finales of various TV shows. After that comes the gruelling waiting period until the shows return next fall, but channels don't forget about their audience in the summer. We've collected the most anticipated shows, that either premiere or return in June.

New shows

The Whispers: It's a science fiction, thriller series that will premiere on ABC on June 1st. The Show is based on the 1951 Ray Bradbury short story Zero Hour and evolves around a paranormal force that takes over control of the planet's children to rule the Earth.

The show will see Lily Rabe in the lead role, who the audience will recognise from FX's American Horror Story, and also Milo Vetimiglia (Heroes, Gotham).

Sense8: probably the highest on the list is this science fiction drama created by the Wachowski siblings, Lana and Andy (Matrix). The show's first 12 episodes will come out directly on Netflix on June 6, so viewers can watch the first season on the weekend of the premiere. Sense8 is about eight strangers from different cultures, their lives forever changed after they get mentally and emotionally connected to each other. The first 8 episodes will center around one character each, and by the end of the season we get to see what happens when they meet in real life.

Killjoys: Airing both in Canada (Space) and in the US (Syfy) coming June 19, it features Aaron Ashmore (X-Men, Smallville) and his bounty hunter crew, Luke Macfarlane and Hannah John-Kamen, as the protagonists that hunt down people, and while doing this they happen upon a conspiracy that could change the fate of humanity.

Mr. Robot: USA Network's show is a psychological thriller about hacker Rami Malek, who gets recruited by a mysterious hacker group to take down the supposedly evil company that he is working for. Christian Slater will also appear on the show that premieres June 24 as Mr. Robot, the leader of the hacker group.

Humans: a science fiction series that will start screening in the UK two weeks (June 14) earlier than in the US (June 28).

The show is an adaptation of a Swedish series and will consist of eight episodes. In a futuristic world where technology is highly advanced, everyone's new favourite must-have gadgets are the human-like robotic servants, who will act more humanly than they are supposed to do.

Scream: The TV Series: Wes Craven's legendary horror movie franchise gets a shot on TV after MTV ordered the series that will premiere June 30. Mr. Craven returns as producer of the show, and it features young teenagers, just like the original movie, that try to solve the mystery of the cruel murders that haunt the small town of Lakewood.

Returning shows

Strike Back 5: the popular military action series returns for its final season on Cinemax June 3.

Hannibal 3: everyone's favourite serial killer, played by Mads Mikkelsen, will once again deliver enjoyment for the audience for another 13 episode season, starting June 4.

True Detective 2: a whole new cast and a whole new storyline, but fear not, because Nic Pizzolatto, the creator of the first season, is back. Probably we won't see another strong performance like Matthew McConaughey's was, but the plot, that takes place in LA this time, also involving the mafia, sounds appealing. Premiere is on June 21.

Falling Skies 5: Noah Whyle and his crew of post-apocalyptic survivors return one last time to save humanity from the invasion of aliens. The fifth season will start on June 28 and will conclude the series' storyline.

Well that's about it for June. As it appears, TV viewers won't have the time to get bored after all.