Revenge's journey will finish this May. ABC confirmed to EW, that Revenge is officially ending its run Sunday, May 10, at 10/9 c ET in the U.S.

Aware of this possible outcome, the executive producer Sunil Nayar has prepared the fourth season finale as a satisfying Series end.

With Revenge, ABC had a high-profile soap-drama which delivered great results over the past few years, but sadly it obtained a series of low-profile results this spring. Its latest episode has averaged a poor 1.0 in the 18-49 demographic. The Emily Van Camp's show has started its run with a gripping first season which received a Golden Globe's nomination thanks to Madeleine Stowe.

Thanks to Revenge's great ratings for a time, the 10 P.M. death slot's curse was finally broken.

After a stellar season one, things got complicated with their second year. The plot got convoluted and various storylines were cut or changed because of various bad creative choices. What I always loved about Revenge is that even in its darkest times, it dared to surprise you during the final hours of the season. Its second season ended with the death of Declan and Jack's discovery of the truth. The third season was slower and less interesting, with a lot of lows but some big highs like the boat wedding and the three final episodes. Then, they literally jumped the shark with David Clarke's resurrection and here we are.

Apparently this fourth season has been boring and repetitive, but it has dared once again to change its roots with unexpected huge plot twists.

How will they conclude this series? Will the fandom come back after this deadly announcement? Revenge was not destined to have this amount of episodes. 88 episodes are difficult to handle for a serialized show.

Mike Kelley left the sinking ship because he wanted to cut the third season order to 13 instead of 22. Truth be told, he was right. The only possible bright side of this story is Sunil Nayar's awareness of this already written destiny.

Even if is always sad to say goodbye, a proper sendoff is just what a beloved TV series needs. To go out with a bang, it's better than being interrupted by unfortunate scenarios or going on with a zombie-like series.

Revenge's final season airs every Monday at 8pm on Channel 4.