My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is one of those sequels that took forever to be created - more than 14 years will have passed between the release of the first movie and the sequel, premiering on the 25th March 2016.

It's a small wonder that they've waited so long to continue the story, since My Big Fat Greek Wedding [2002] was an enormous success for the small New York studio IFC, and the highest grossing romatic comedy of all time. The movie was created with a 5 million dollar budget and grossed over 368 million dollars worldwide, a historic box-office feat not easy to achieve for a movie of this size.

In fact, IFC hasn't had a success of this magnitude ever since. Their second highest grossing movie was Boyhood with a revenue of "only" $44 million.

The original movie followed the adventure of the 30-year-old single Greek woman Toula Portokalos (played by Nia Vardalos) who wanted more than to simply marry a Greek boy and work in the family's restaurant. To achieve this Toula decides to take some computer classes and starts working in her aunt's travel agency, where she meets and falls in love with high school teacher Ian Miller (played by John Corbett). Thereafter begins the struggle for her family to accept the non-Greek teacher and to organize the funniest wedding in movie history.

The movie was a blast and yet, instead of developing a sequel, a tv-series called My Big Fat Greek Life [2003] was aired, picking up the storyline after Toula returned from the honeymoon with her husband.

The series however was a failure, scoring a mere 4.4 on IMDB and being on the air for only one season.

Many years passed since then but with the popularity of adaptations and sequels growing steadily, in the past decade, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was also picked off the shelf. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are back to produce the second movie and stars Nia Vardalos and John Corbett will also reprise their roles in the Film. The plot is set to revolve around the revelation of a big family secret - and yes, another wedding is also planned for the occasion.