Salman Khan's hit and run case is probably the most talked about thing by the Indian paparazzi right now. The superstar who is lovingly called as "Bhaijaan" was shocked like all his fans with the verdict which proved that no one is above the law.

While the five year sentence can cause havoc in his personal life and prove to be a testing time for his family, they are not the only ones facing the music. Reports claim that Bollywood has millions riding on the Dabbang Khan as he will naturally be unable to shoot for the remainder of the movies or televisions shows which he currently is involved in.

Salman is found guilty of "culpable homicide" by the Mumbai sessions court in a decade old hit and run case which killed one and injured four people in Mumbai. Salman Khan, who has worked in over 100 Bollywood films and made appearances in innumerable TV shows, is currently on bail. The verdict went against him because his conduct on the day of the accident went against him, he fled the accident scene which made the case against him strong.

In this movie-like court case where Salman has been accused of running over five people sleeping on a pavement outside a Bandra bakery with his Land Cruiser and killing one of them in the process has been going on for the longest since the accident took place in 2002, the judge concluded that Salman Khan was intoxicated and that all the charges against him were proven.

To make the matters worse, his fans and well-wishers seem to have forgotten the thin line between supporting Salman Khan and blaming the victims. The so called well-wishers have taken over social media, especially Twitter, blaming the people sleeping on streets and even comparing them to dogs. Salman has not given any statement while he is still out on the interim bail period of 2 days.

Insensitivity around the case is on and the media serves the case to viewers explaining the various facets. Hopefully his family can deal with this difficult time and justice may prevail over everything else.