Not long ago, the internet spread the news about the breakup between Selena and Zedd. It seems that Zedd couldn't believe Selena's feelings for him were 100% percent true. It seems that Justin Bieber still has a place in the heart of "The Heart Wants What It Wants" singer.

While Zedd is busy with his album, the 22-year-old has spent her spare time in Mexico. She spent a beautiful day on the beach with her pals at Casa Armara-Joe Francis' estate somewhere outside Puerto Vallata. Because paparazzi don't waste a day, some bad photos with the beautiful singer surfaced the internet and many haters shared their thoughts.

Selena did put on some pounds and the criticism poured, as people tend to scrutinise every little inch of Celebrities' bodies. 

Photos with her in a pink swimsuit made people realize she really put on a few pounds. The photo proves that everyone makes bad choices when it comes to fashion and, that everyone has their bad angles. But then, she appeared with a hot black and nude one, which experts say it suits her better.

She responded to her haters on her on her official Instagram account with a photo in her new bikini and she wrote "I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove" and ended it with an amused emoticon.

She looks happy with her new curves, and who can blame the girl for being sexy and confident?

Also, her response to the critics is a good motivational message to everyone who has some problems with their weight. Good for you Selena.

Her new body was perfectly highlighted in the black and nude swimsuit which is a one piece that costs 105$. It seems to be the same brand as the pink one that made people crazy. They're both labeled Mint Swim but everyone including Selena loves the black one.

Her wide beautiful smile in the picture proves what a great time she has. It is also a great idea for every women out there who is scared to go to the beach because of some extra pounds. A one-piece swimsuit is the perfect choice. The one Selena is wearing has some pretty nude cuts which makes her brand new curvy body look awesome .

Now that she is single again, boys don't stop paying attention to her. Even her ex, Justin Bieber is looking after her. It seems the pop star said that Selena is sexier than he ever saw her with the new curves.

That's the living proof that beauty comes in all different shapes. So girl, keep calm, even celebrities have their flaws.