Another celeb couple break-up news surfaced the internet. This time it is about Ariana Grande and Big Sean. These days it seems that the Cupid isn't doing his job, because lots of couples decided to go different ways. After eight moths of dating, the two of them have called it quits but stay close friends. At least, that's what they say.

On Monday morning Us Weekly reported the news and this statement came from an insider : "They both care deeply for each other and remain close friends. We kindly ask that the media respect their wish for privacy regarding this personal matter at this time."

We all remember Ariana greatest hit Problem featuring Iggy Azalea and boyfriend Big Sean.

Even if in the music video we could see only a bit of Big Sean, everyone felt the sparkle between these two.

Not long ago, the rapper said that his girlfriend is super cool and he wants to keep their Relationship out of the public eye. Then what was he thinking when he started rapping about his girlfriend's vagina?

These two displayed their love everywhere. Their Instagram accounts were full of photos together, passionately kissing in front of the camera and their pure holding hands were so sweet. We will definitely miss this couple. Even if it seemed a bit odd. Ariana seems a cute and pure princess while Big Sean is the fierce rapper who seems more like someone who takes care of little Ariana.

We don't know but it seems that Ariana's father is more concerned than us. This past weekend, Ariana's father told to Big Sean on Instagram not to have sex with his daughter. Well well … We bet this is not the reason they break-up but could it be the fact that Justin Bieber hugged Ariana too much one night? Wow Justin, you really do know how to make a scandal everywhere you go!

But it seems their career comes first. Their busy schedule made them realize that they can't be together anymore. Because of their tour schedule they would have been apart for the next full year.

We do miss the times when they called about future plans as wedding and maybe a little Sean but that's a wrap. Ariana & Sean are another Celebrities who decide to take different paths.

Ariana will focus on her Honeymoon tour and meanwhile, Big Sean prepares for his summer set of concerts around the country.

So we say goodbye to Big Sean and Ariana Grande but we hope they will collaborate again and amaze us with another hit song (fingers crossed).