US President Donald Trump has launched a series of air strikes on the Assad regime in Syria, following an alleged chemical attack by the regime on the town of Douma, and the response by the media has been mixed. Senator John McCain, who ran against Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election, submitted an official response to Fox, who published it in full. Generally, he “applaud[ed]” the President for taking action against the Syrian regime.

Chelsea Manning, the trans activist and politician who used to serve in the US Army, said that she wouldn’t be sleeping much after the air strikes and encouraged her followers to “imagine a better world.” Chuck Woolery, the game show host who also fancies himself a political expert who frequently slams the Democrats with no real grounding for his arguments, simply tweeted, “It’s on in Syria.”

‘God bless our troops,’ says Adam Kinzinger

Adam Kinzinger praised Trump and the troops for their action against Syria.

He said, “The America I deeply believe in stands for humanity and stands up against evil,” and that what the President has done to Syria is in keeping with his vision of his country. Then he concluded, “God bless our troops.” Like everything Trump does, his actions this week have divided the world.