Ava DuVernay, the director of “Selma” and “13th” who is a strong voice in the black community and a strong critic of sitting US President Donald Trump, has responded to the US air strikes against Syria and the Assad regime by digging up an old tweet from Trump’s account that was posted way back in 2013, in which he criticised Barack Obama for bombing Syria.

Trump once said that bombing Syria was a ‘big mistake’

One of two tweets by Trump from five years ago says that he believes that the President of the United States “must get Congressional approval before attacking Syria” and that it is a “big mistake if he does not!” Oh, how the tables have turned.

Now that the guy is himself the US President, he’s gone and broken his own rule. A second tweet says that all America has to gain by bombing Syria is “more debt and a possible long term conflict.” Well, look who’s bombing Syria now!

The two tweets have since by brought up by Jerrold Nadler, a US Representative from the Democratic Party that strongly opposes Trump and his right-wing ways, in order to point out the rabid hypocrisy of this guy and how quickly the Republicans will change their minds on an issue, depending on whose idea it was. This has been the subject of a lot of criticism by the Democrats and the more left-wing UK citizens.