Late night US talk show hosts Stephen Colbert (of “Late Show”) and Jimmy Kimmel (of “Jimmy Kimmel Live”) have jumped at the chance to joke about the invitation extended from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to US President Donald Trump for an official visit to discuss denuclearisation. Both of these posts have a personal vendetta with the President, as he once attacked Colbert’s “filthy” language and, earlier this week, went after Kimmel’s hosting of the Oscars and its ratings.

Colbert suggests that Dennis Rodman will now win the Nobel Peace Prize

Colbert joked that Kim’s basketball star friend Dennis Rodman will win the Nobel Peace Prize for setting up denuclearisation negotiations. He also said that, thanks to the terrible economy of North Korea, the invitation should stipulate, “B-Y-O-Everything.” He added that maybe Trump should bring “peace to your own country,” before trying to bring it to North Korea. And, of course, he had to throw in a gag about “who has a bigger button.”

Kimmel joked that Kim’s extending of “an olive branch” was such “a big deal,” because olive branches are pretty much the only food in North Korea. The comedian compared Trump to the uncle who would ruin the surprise party if you told him about it, and said that the meeting of the two leaders would also be a meeting of “the two worst haircuts in the world.”