All throughout FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into his 2016 election campaign’s potential ties to the Russian government, US President Donald Trump has denounced it and begged for it to end and erred on the side of obstruction of justice, which has had a lot of critics calling for impeachment. Mueller has been desperate for an interview with Trump as a part of the probe, which has resulted in a number of arrests so far, in order to crack it wide open.

Trump has persistently fought against having an interview with Mueller for the probe, which many have said is evidence that the President has something to hide.

So, his attorneys have always pushed back against the FBI counsel whenever he has suggested the prospect of an interview. However, it now seems as though the President’s lawyers are using an interview with Trump as a kind of bargaining chip – in other words, they’ll let Mueller have his interview if it means the probe will end sooner.

The FBI probe probably won’t end in impeachment

All of the arrests and revelations and breakthroughs that are coming out of Mueller’s FBI Russia probe are all well and good and everything, but it probably won’t end in the President’s impeachment, because of the way that these processes work. Even if Trump does get impeached, he’ll just be replaced by Vice President Mike Pence, who shares his views on literally everything.