The other day, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un gracefully extended a handwritten invitation to US President Donald Trump to visit him in Pyongyang, via the communications boss and national security expert for South Korea. The visit will supposedly entail talks and negotiations about potential denuclearisation of Kim’s arsenal, which would be great for international peace, but it all seems a little bit too convenient.

A lot of people think the fact that Kim’s invitation came so easily and what with all the enthusiasm he’s showing towards a meeting with Trump, that maybe it’s some kind of trap.

Just months ago, these two world leaders were calling each other all kinds of names and insults. The North Korean leader called the US President a “dotard” (which means an elderly person who is rapidly declining in their mental capacity and going senile) and Trump called Kim “short and fat,” but weirdly phrased it by saying he would “never” say that about Kim, but did say it, so he would say it. It was strange.

And now, apparently as early as “by May,” Trump will be jetting off to North Korea to sit down with Kim and talk about denuclearisation. It’s all very suspicious, and it’s got a lot of people being sceptical about how serious the invitation is or what else it could entail, besides denuclearisation negotiations.

The Queen has already joked that if she got the US President over for a state visit, then she could legally kill him. Who knows what could happen?

Pyongyang wants US to stop their ‘hostile policies’

Every country in the world is hostile towards North Korea. The UN has issued the volatile nation with countless sanctions that Kim and his regime have persistently ignored.

China, the only real ally of North Korea, denounced the nation when it continued to test intercontinental ballistic missiles, despite Chinese President Xi Jinping sternly telling Kim to stop. But perhaps no country is more hostile towards Kim and his nuke-toting regime in Pyongyang than the United States, especially under the rule of Trump.

Former US President Barack Obama was very diplomatic in his relations with North Korea when he was in office. But Trump has never treaded lightly in discussing matters of the nuclear crisis going on in North Korea. He once called Kim Jong-un, the ruthless and volatile dictator, “Little Rocket Man.” It’s insane! People in America have been worried about a nuclear holocaust for every minute of every day since Trump was inaugurated last year – there was even a false alarm in Hawaii that had people fearing for their lives a few months ago.

Denuclearisation of North Korea would be great – if it happens

What Kim hopes to achieve from these talks with Trump – or what he claims to want to achieve from these talks with Trump – is getting the US to back off with their “hostile policies” against North Korea.

Kim is just a young guy who’s been thrust into a major position of power. He wants allies overseas, but he doesn’t know how to get them. He sees countries all over the world that have a nuclear arsenal and, fearing that they might nuke him, he wants to have the best nukes in the world, so that he can pretty much be invincible, because if they fire their nukes at him, he’ll fire his right back at them.

At least, that’s one theory. Another theory is that he’s a diabolical genius bent on the destruction of both the world and Donald Trump. As a wise man once said, some men just want to watch the world burn. Maybe Kim is one of those men. Who knows? He’s kind of hard to read. It’s hard to guess what will happen when Trump goes to North Korea – we’ll just have to wait a couple of months until it happens.