The Democrats support tighter gun control laws, while the Republicans support their Second Amendment right to bear arms. That's the way it's always been and it's one of the key differences between the two parties. Despite former US President Barack Obama, an avid Democrat, spending his entire eight-year term pushing for stricter gun legislation, he could never get anything passed in a Congress controlled by the NRA.

But now, current President Donald Trump has been pushing for stricter gun laws, and "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert is theorising that he might be doing it just to outdo his predecessor.

Trump has spent his entire Presidency priding himself on being able to do the things that Obama wanted to do, and gun control could be one of them.

Trump blames Obama for not pushing for gun control – what?!

Trump has a huge advantage in the fact that he is a Republican – in other words, he's a member of the party that wants guns in the hands of deranged people and outcasted youths and he's also running the country. Colbert, ever the political satirist, mocked Trump's claim that Obama was an obstacle in the way of the Republicans' gun control bill (that's completely inaccurate, the opposite was true) by saying that he remembers "how Republicans were begging Obama to sign the GOP Gun Control Bill, but Obama couldn’t get it done because Americans demanded to keep their guns to shoot down all the flying pigs." Hah!

After complaining that Obama was not "proactive" enough about gun control, Trump slyly said, "You have a different President now." Sure, he cares more about beating Obama than sticking to his own policies, but so what? At least he's going in a positive direction.