All across America, there is a huge problem with people selling opioids and the people buy them getting hooked on them and dying from overdoses. US President Donald Trump’s ingenious suggestion to fix this epidemic is to kill the people involved in it. Would that really fix things? Really? He essentially equates selling people deadly drugs with murder, and following his skewed “Black Mirror”-esque “an eye for an eye” concept of punishment, he thinks that anyone guilty of killing should be killed by the state. This is the President of the United States, by the way.

At a White House meeting that was called to discuss the Opioid abuse epidemic that is spreading across America, Trump said that the dealers of opioids are “killing hundreds and hundreds of people” and, as he sees it, they’re not being duly punished. He sees people who “shoot one person” get given a life sentence in prison or the Death Penalty, while the opioid dealers, who he says “can kill two thousand, three thousand people,” and “nothing happens to them.”

According to Trump, this works in other countries

As Trump explained, there are plenty of countries where you get “a very, very tough penalty” for selling and pushing narcotics, in countries that have “much less of a drug problem” than the one in America. Of course, these are countries like North Korea – not exactly a stellar model.