Well, who saw this coming? The man who once said at a rally during his 2016 Presidential campaign that he could walk out into the crowd, shoot somebody, and not lose a single vote, is now pushing for tighter Gun control laws. In a Congress where the NRA are putting huge wads of cash into the pockets of the gun-toting Republican elected officials in order to keep their asinine Second Amendment rights, a Washington outsider Republican President who was shot to the top of his party by aides and advisers who knew they could manipulate him into getting their way wants to change up the US firearm ownership legislation in a major way.

This is big! Donald Trump has put himself in the very difficult position of having both the NRA and the top brass of his own party against him. None of this would’ve happened if the school shooting in Florida that left 17 people dead a couple of weeks ago hadn’t happened. No one counted on the victims of the shooting being quite so outspoken, calling on their government for change, and so they’ve been forced to take action and do something about it.

Trump’s new proposed gun law bill is pretty spectacular

Among the proposed new gun laws, Trump has been pushing especially for “strong” enforcement of background checks. He’s going to put together a bill to present to Congress that will be, in his words, “beautiful.” The background checks that are conducted when someone buys a gun in America would be expanded on and made more comprehensive.

Guns would be taken out of the hands of mentally ill people (such as Nikolas Cruz, the guy who killed 17 people at the high school in Parkland, Florida, where this whole debate began a few weeks ago).

Security on the campuses of schools would be toughened up to keep the school shooters out. And younger people would be restricted from the purchase of certain types of firearms – specifically the kinds that are handy for mass shootings in schools.

All in all, this is actually a great bill and if it gets implemented by Congress, it will make a lot of positive change in America (which is surprising, considering that previous bills from Trump have called for outlandish and outrageous things, such as essentially the banning of Muslims from American soil), so let’s hope that the Republicans can have some sense and some humanity and vote ‘yes’ on it.

Trump’s views are drastically at odds with the rest of the Republicans

The fact that Trump is now pushing for stricter restrictions on gun ownership and purchases in the US is surprising, given how everyone else in his party has very different opinions on the matter. Most Republican politicians, including Florida Senator Marco Rubio, have tried to remain as hush as possible about the Florida school shooting and the gun control debate. They don’t want to get roped into saying something that will make them sound bad, and if they say anything truthful or accurate about their politics or their ideologies, then they definitely will end up sounding bad.

The idea behind the victims of the shooting being so passionate and outspoken is to get these politicians to change their minds to the logical and humane and reasonable solutions that they’re proposing.

Most Republicans won’t do that, but luckily Trump is actually in the process of changing his mind and he’s doing something that no one ever thought he would do in a million years – he’s reconsidering the gun legislation in America.

A lot of Trump’s policies and proposals are extremely conservative, but this one is very liberal. Maybe this is the first step of a long journey towards actually making America great. Not really great, just seemingly great compared to the nuclear holocaust-ravaged wasteland that was anticipated following Trump’s election. Could he turn out to be the American David Cameron, the most left-wing right-wing leader in recent memory? Obviously that wouldn’t be perfect, but at least it’s better than “the new Hitler” or “the new Mussolini” like a lot of people have been saying since he took office early last year.