After a school shooting in Florida left 17 people dead, US President Donald Trump did something that no one ever thought he would – he reconsidered the gun laws in America. He called for a ban of bump stocks, which help to make the guns fire rounds at a faster rate, thus allowing mass shooters to kill as many people as possible. It was a small step, but an important one. And yet, the NRA won’t even back that!

The soulless, evil, morally corrupt NRA can’t even get behind the banning of bump stocks. It’s not like they’re losing their guns or their right to bear arms.

It’s just bump stocks! It’s pretty modest, considering what Congress really should logically do, and the NRA still won’t back down. According to the organisation’s spokesperson Dana Loesch, who it’s been revealed recently once pitched a sitcom to a TV producer about a “hot young mom” to be played by herself, “The NRA doesn’t back any ban.”

Trump is also proposing a raised age limit on certain guns

Another one of Trump’s modest proposals is that the age limit should be raised on certain types of guns. This would serve to prevent a deranged 19-year-old like Nikolas Cruz from getting a hold of an assault rifle and then going into his school to kill 17 people. The number of school shootings would plummet. The kids couldn’t do them anymore. However – you guessed it – the NRA are refusing to get on board with it.