Brussels got a warning from an Eastern European member who stood up for Theresa May, saying that a "fair Brexit exit is best for all." Hungary’s Public Diplomacy Secretary said "Brussels' failings caused Brexit," according to the Daily Mail UK.

Zoltan Kovacs actually praised May's vision for the Brexit exit and urged the EU not to punish Britain.

This came after chief negotiator Michel Barnier said that Britain should not 'Cherry Pick," when it came to trade deals and employment protection.

Zoltan Kovacs of Hungary and Theresa May have common ground on Brexit

On a visit to London, Kovacs said that the UK and Hungary have similar ideas about how the Brexit negotiations should proceed. He feels that punishment would be bad for the EU, and send the wrong message.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was warned by Kovacs that the EU should remember that members of the EU have more say than eurocrats in Brussels.

‘A good deal is in the interests of everyone, we truly believe it is possible, and we are trying to provide those solid foundations for such a proposal,’ he said.

Brussels, Brexit, and Twitter reaction

On Twitter, there was positive reaction to Zoltan Kovacs comments.

In reply to one comment @GaryCairney wrote, "Yep, Zoltan Kovacs wiped the floor with you Krishnan. You also talk about Brexit like it's a dirty word. We had a ref and majority said YES."

But then Hungary has its own ideas on immigration and EU policy.

As Alex Jones pointed out last month, "Secretary of State Zoltán Kovács has said Hungary is prepared to "build [another] fence, boost its police and military forces and shape the legal environment to suit its goals."

Hungary, UN, and immigration disagreement

Hungary is also strong on other points emerging from Europe.

On March 2, Kovacs tweeted the link to Hungary's response to the UN’s Global Compact on Migration.

Hungary "strongly disagrees with the draft," Zoltan wrote (on his blog), but "have decided to remain at the table and have put forward a list of alternatives to influence the debate."

On the point of security where the UN stress that "migration is good and unstoppable," Hungary point out that "global events of recent years have proved, migration is an unfavourable and dangerous process."

Zoltan also included Hungary's stance on immigration overall.

In point number 3, Kovacs summarized, "Migration is not and should not become a fundamental human right."

It is obvious that Hungary, who seems to feel burdened by both the EU and UN, would be happy to find common ground with Theresa May over the whole Brexit issue. But for Theresa May, any type of voice added to her negotiations for Brexit is a useful voice, indeed.