Last Week In Politics has seen Theresa May’s government set up a new communications unit to tackle Fake News, Oxfam reported that the world’s richest 1% get 82% of the world’s wealth. Brexit has been on the agenda with Jacob Rees-Mogg leading a revolt within the Conservatives. Plus, the Financial Times reported on an event hosted by an all-male club called the President Club is at the heart of a harassment scandal following reports of sexual harassment of hostesses throughout the event.

Meanwhile, Trump has threatened Palestinian aid if they don’t follow his agenda and it was announced he will be interviewed by prosecutors, the US also rejected Venezuela’s election plan.

Plus, the Honduras President will take oath despite bloody elections and fascism thrives in the Czech Republic following elections.

Fake news, inequality and the Presidents Club

The government announced they are to set up a communications unit to tackle fake news and foreign intervention. A squad of web experts and cyber security personnel were announced by Theresa May in a bid to counter fake news to protect national security, this is in the wake of evidence that Russia meddled in the EU referendum. But the announcement came as a surprise as defence cuts were being feared by retired military top brass. However, the main concern is whether the government should be allowed to decide what is fake and what isn’t.

Oxfam have reported that last year the gap between the super-rich and the rest of the world has widened. They reported that 82% of the money generated last year went to 1% of the worlds population. These figures highlight the stark failure of the current system, with tax evasion, influence on policy, erosion of worker’s rights and cost cutting being blamed.

The Financial Times exposed the disturbing levels of sexual harassment towards young women at a charity dinner held by a men-only club, The Presidents Club. The black-tie fundraising event that is men only and only hires women as hostesses, even getting them to sign a disclosure stating that harassment by members was not the fault of the club.

The Presidents Club, who hosted the event attended by the wealthiest and prominent figures such as children and families minister, Nadhim Zahawi, has since announced it would be disbanding after severe backlash over the allegations of sexual harrssment but this highlights the prevalence of an attitude towards women within a society that treats them as objects or second-class citizens.


According to a leaked report in Brussels, the guidelines state that during the transitional period of Brexit, Britain will have no right to be in the room when laws are made but will still have to implement them in full. This has caused further divide amongst the Conservatives as the Brexiteers are adamantly against the transitional period.

Furthermore, Jacob Rees-Mogg has put himself as the head of the growing revolt stating that she has “failed” in her handling of the talks and accused her of being “timid and cowering”.

Liam Fox has also been criticised for his running of the Department for International Trade, a Watchdog warned that the department is not fit for purpose as it has been forced to delay projects after it was revealed they struggle with skills shortages. The damning report also criticised the department for not properly setting out the “capabilities and level of capacity” needed to deliver for British business. The National Audit Office has also raised concerns that it won’t be able to secure the “specific trade and negotiation skills” due to rapid turnover in the civil service.

News of the world

Donald Trump will be in interviewed by prosecutors in the coming weeks over the interference of Russia during elections, previously he had dodged questions over whether he was going to give evidence to special counsel, Robert Mueller. He has also threatened to pull aid from Palestine if they don’t submit to their peace agenda, which would forcibly take land from the Palestinian people and favour Israel and their terrorist government.

The Honduras President, Juan Orlando Hernandez, was sworn in for his second term after winning last years election. The election was marred by protests after the opposition cried foul after he was set to lose until an abrupt halt to the count and a shift in results which took victory from his centre-left rival.

Since then more than 30 people have been killed in protests.

The far-right has claimed victory in the Czech Republic after Putin supporting incumbent, Milos Zeman, claimed victory in a closely fought election. He beat his opponent, scientist Jiri Drahos, by receiving 3 per cent more of the vote. Zeman called this his “last political victory” and said, “no political loss will follow”.