Donald Trump is getting increasingly isolated from earlier aides like steve bannon, who seems to be turning against him. Bannon ran the white house for seven months before he was sacked by Trump. He has all along avowed that he was a Trump supporter but remarks attributed to him in a recent book by Micheal Wolff entitled 'Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House' show that he is turning away. The Global Military has reported that Bannon who is extensively quoted in the book referred to the meetings of Trump's son and son-in-law Jared Kushner with Russian diplomats during the election campaign as "treasonous."

Denouncing Bannon

Trump has been quick to react.

He had no choice but to denounce Bannon, which he has done. He has said that Bannon has lost his mind after he was fired from the White House. The developments, however, won't be to the liking of Trump. His former aide is subpoenaed and will now be interviewed by the Grand Jury. CNN has reported that Mueller, the man heading the investigation has already got two confessions of Lt Gen Flynn and former foreign affairs adviser George Papadopoulos for lying to federal officials. This is not happy news for Trump.

Bannon could not have been a happy man after he was sacked by Trump. At one time he was a king and was in a moment reduced to a nobody. His comments in the book one imagines would have been made after careful consideration.They point to a grave lapse by the persons close to Trump.

The ostensible reason to get some dirt on Hillary may be true, but contacting the Russian diplomat in the midst of an election campaign was most inadvisable.

Trump and impeachment

Nothing has so far emerged against Trump personally. Nobody has linked him with Russia or Putin, but rumours are abounding and one does not know what will happen in the future.

Most Americans feel that Mueller will not indict Trump, though he may catch a few more people close to him. In that case, Trump may well survive the storm.

In such circumstances, the meeting of Bannon with the Jury will be significant. Bannon could well open the doors to the Oval Office and Trump's possible indictment. Trump has denied any wrongdoing or contact with Russia.

This was expected as no one in his right mind will agree to an accusation that will lead to his downfall.

Last word

Washington is obsessed with the Russian investigation, though it does appear preposterous that the Russians had so much influence that they engineered a Trump victory. In short, it is an insult to the American voter.