A senior Guardian journalist has admitted she discriminates against conservatives.

Writing in her own newspaper, The Backbencher reported that Laurie Penny wrote in her article on James Damore, the former Google engineer who is suing the search engine site for discriminating against conservatives, that she is 'entirely happy' to exclude people who are right-wing.

"It is akin to fascism"

Her statement has provoked anger from Conservative Party activists. Thomas Havemann-Mart, a Mid Worcestershire Conservatives member, told Blasting News: "That's bulls**t.

It is akin to fascism. If you read the actual memo from James Damore, there wasn't anything wrong with it. The one being a bully here is this c**.

"She doesn't want to think there could be any possible way of doing anything other than own her way and anyone who says or even thinks differently is a bigot. It's pathetic and the standard of journalism we have all come to expect from The Guardian. It is no wonder they have to finalise their articles with a begging letter. No one in their right mind would pay for that trash.

"A point worth making regarding victimisation is that Laurie Penny's view of the world requires victims. The makeup of Google staff couldn't possibly have anything to do with the majority of university graduates being men, it must be a sexist plot.

"There comes a point when people like Laurie should be branded whiny losers. They are always looking for someone to blame."

Mr. Damore was fired by Google last August for posting a memo to an internal messaging board, arguing that women may not be equally represented in technology because they are biologically less capable than women.

He is joined by former Google engineer David Guideman, who left the company in December 2016.

The case will take place in Santa Clara Superior Court in North Carolina and the lawsuit was filed by Dhillon Law Group.

Ms Penny attacked the former Google employee, saying that those who care about tolerance should discriminate against conservatives like Mr.

Damore. The left-wing columnist said conservatives blame those who do not work hard for not being able to buy private healthcare.

"Values of decency and personal responsibility are now the domain of the left"

She says it is perfectly acceptable to do so because she would rather judge people by their personal qualities, as opposed to their background and appearance. The Guardian writer claims values of decency and personal responsibility are now the domain of the left.

Tory member David Baker attacked Ms Penny, saying the left think they are the great beholder of equality and diversity, but waiver if people disagree with their Politics.

He added: "If the right use hate, they're called out for it and it's big news, but it's a different set of rules for the left, who use hate under the guise of fighting against injustice.

It just makes it clear that the Conservatives are the true party of acceptance, as they do not expect a one-size-fits-all approach and understand difference within each person.

"The left use identity politics to put people into brackets and push an agenda that is less tolerant."

Essex Conservative Cameron Winstanley told Blasting News: "Laurie Penny evidently isn't proud to live in a democracy and if discriminating against one due to their political beliefs is acceptable, how does that make us different to a third world dictatorship?"

North Warwickshire Tory Kyle Evans said: "It does not surprise me that a left-wing reporter feels the need to bully and abuse conservatives in the press. We continually see the far-left media use disgraceful tactics.

"I welcomed the news the other day that Brandon Lewis wants all Conservative candidates to sign a respect pledge. I would urge other parties to follow the Conservative Party's example, and ask left-wing outlets like The Guardian to use less discriminatory tactics towards innocent political activists of all colours."

Ms Penny was approached for comment by Blasting News, but declined to do so.