Donald Trump, when on the campaign trail, had promised that once elected he would recognize Jerusalem as the Capital Of Israel. Almost a year after he was elected, it appears that finally, Trump has made up his mind to take this important decision. This time as reported by World Israeli News, the president has failed to sign the waiver to postpone recognition of Jerusalem as the capital. The portents are clear, that very soon Trump will carry out his campaign promise.

Arab anger

The Israeli's are happy as this was one of their major demands. But the Palestine Arabs are incensed and have threatened that the peace process will be derailed.

Trump must have taken the Arab reaction to this step into consideration. The fact is despite the USA having not recognized Jerusalem as the capital, the peace process has moved nowhere and the terror organizations of the Palestine Arabs led by Hamas have been carrying out rocket and terror attacks all over Palestine and Jerusalem against civilians.


Jerusalem is a very ancient city and has a special place in Biblical folklore. It was the capital of the state of Isreal nearly 2000 years back. Those were great days when King Solomon ruled. Over the passage of time, the Jews lost their kingdom and an onslaught from a new fanatic faith-Islam took control of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a city which is holy to all the three faiths namely Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

The Christians tried to take the city and fought wars, called the Crusades, but they failed.

Right moment

Trump is likely to make an announcement on this subject soon. This will entail moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The Palestine Arabs will oppose it tooth and nail, but the overall scenario is changing. As reported by CNN, Saudi Arabia is turning a new leaf and likely to have some form of cooperation with Israel against Iran.

In that case, the biggest backer of the Palestine Arabs will be lost to them. Trump has probably chosen the right moment to put into effect his campaign promise.


If the US shows the lead, other countries in due course may follow the American example. In that case, it would be a diplomatic coup by Israel. In the long run, Israel is not likely to relinquish control of Jerusalem and the option for the Arabs is only more terror attacks.These have not been a success so far and there is no reason to believe that they will be more effective in the future as the Saudi backing may taper off.