According to various news sources, namely The Independent and NBC News, on Monday the Government of Ireland favoured through a Cabinet vote of holding a referendum to repeal the country's abortion laws, an opportunity previously deprived to voters for thirty-five years, an opportunity to repeal one of the most stringent laws known in modern times.

Leo Varadkar made various comments on the issue.

The Prime Minister Leo Varadkar outlined his trust in the Irish people in making the correct decision on the matter when the time comes.

NBC News stated that the issue of abortion in Ireland has been that of very a difficult one in a traditionally Catholic country Governed by the church, which is interesting given Irelands optimism towards Homosexual Marriage in the year two-thousand-fifteen which saw a landslide vote in favour of legalisation.

The Independent reports that the Abortion vote in the Government Cabinet was completely agreed upon by Ministers in regards to giving voters the responsibility to decide upon the nineteen-eighty-three Eighth Amendment which would seek to give the same status to both mother and child in regards to their life thereby allowing a decision to be made by professionals in giving one life priority over the other.

According to NBC News, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar stated that in light of suggestions made by a parliamentary committee last month, his government would commence with the creation of legislation while abiding by the suggestions which sought for unrestricted terminations to be permitted up to twelve weeks of a pregnancy.

The Independent reported that on Monday night Leo Varadkar stated that the issue is not for the Constitution to decide solely given the Black And White area.

“Abortion is not a black and white issue; it is a grey area but we can’t continue to criminalise our sisters and friends”

NBC News also quotes Mr. Varadkar "We already have abortion in Ireland but it's unsafe, unregulated and unlawful and in my opinion we cannot continue to export our problems and import our solutions," referencing those who utilise abortion drugs or travel outside Ireland for abortion every year and continue to do so.

Leo Varadkar further stated that if legalised, abortion procedures would be rendered legal and safe, but a rare occurrence, but if opposed the laws surrounding Abortion would remain the exact same as they always have been.


According to NBC News, two recent opinion polls discovered between fifty-six and fifty-one percent of national voters would support the allowance of abortion up to a maximum twelve week period of pregnancy, while slightly below thirty percent opposed and the remaining number remained undecided.

A division of generations is visible in the polls with the majority of the opposition of change coming from those over sixty-five years of age.

The Referendum is to be held in May of this year.