Conservative Party MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has been causing controversy amongst the UK as he’s spoken out on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” to say that he is “completely opposed” to abortion, even if the pregnancy was caused by events of rape or incest. He told the show’s hosts (and by extension, its audience) that he thought abortion was “morally indefensible.”

According to Rees-Mogg, “Life is sacrosanct” and it “begins at the point of conception.” So, he doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body. He believes in controlling them.

He’s one of those.

Rees-Mogg is the Member of Parliament representing the north-east region of Somerset. In recent weeks, he’s been asked about his plans to go for the gold and lead his party, although he’ll have to pry the leadership from Theresa May’s cold, dead hands. This came after some reports emerged that he called the position “jolly August stuff.” He denies these claims. During his appearance on “Good Morning Britain” on ITV, he again shrugged off any questions that came up about his leadership ambitions.

He’s opposed to gay marriage, too

But then Rees-Mogg was asked about his opinions on the topic of same sex marriage, and it turns out he’s completely against that, too. He instead follows the Bible and the ways of the Catholic Church.

So, he’s one of those, too. He said that he is a devotee of the Catholic Church who takes “the teachings of the Catholic Church seriously.” This is the same Catholic Church that got itself embroiled in a little scandal a few years ago, remember?

Rees-Mogg called marriage “a sacrament” and said that the decisions over who gets to do it and what it constitutes are up to “the Church, not...Parliament.” He describes the teachings and ideologies of the Catholic Church as “authoritative.” They are, of course, so it’s just down to whether or not you believe in those teachings and ideologies.

Obviously Rees-Mogg does, which is fine, as long as you don’t impose them on the whole country (which, thankfully, he’ll never get the chance to do).

Rees-Mogg feels more strongly about abortion than same sex marriage

Rees-Mogg’s views on same sex marriage are nothing compared to the strong opinions he has against abortion, reasoning that gay marriage is a decision that people make for themselves, whereas abortion is a decision that people make for the fate of a baby.

“That is different,” he says, because it involves the life or death of an “unborn child.” That’s why he says he is “completely opposed” to abortion.

In a question that got a little bit dark and real for the usual fluff on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain,” Rees-Mogg was asked if he is still opposed to abortion in cases of pregnancies that were caused by acts of rape or incest. He then said, perhaps knowing the controversy that his opinion would cause: “I’m afraid so.” Well, at least he’s honest and upfront about his opinions. The Tory MP did, however, say that the abortion rights of women in the UK are “not going to change,” so these are just his personal opinions.

Rees-Mogg defended the Conservative Party’s stance on homosexuality

As is the typical strategy with the Conservative Party, Rees-Mogg turned to a “yes, we’re bad, but this party’s worse” smear attack on the Liberal Democrats, reminding the audience that that party’s leader Tim Farron quit the position after being asked multiple questions about his opinions on gay sex. Rees-Mogg, in a somewhat frustrated tone, said that it’s “all very well” for our country to celebrate diversity and other cultures – “until you’re a Christian.” He said that the discrimination he faces as a white, straight, Catholic male is “fundamentally wrong.” Riiiight. That's not backwards at all.