Before reading this sacred article about alcoholic drinking games please bear in mind that you should always drink responsibly and legally both in age and behaviour, subject to the laws of your country of residence. Drinking in excess can cause short-term or long-term damage.

Pre-drinks are often the best part of a night out, and with the use of ridiculous drinking games they can either become more fun or lead to everyone becoming too drunk to go out.

Either way, these drinking games are fun and I hope they make all your nights out great!!

The list

1. Drink with the music

All you have to do for this game is play a song where the artist says a specific word too many times and drink every time you hear that word. But It's not as easy as it sounds with more alcohol ending up on the floor or peoples clothes than in their mouth.

Jammin' jammin' jammin' jammin' jammin'

2. Kings

A classic drinking game and my go-to for every night out.

The rules are simple and complex at the same time. Basically, each card has a specific action required by each person at the table that must be strictly followed.

Below I have provided a simple video explaining the game quite well.

3. Beer blow

Take an empty bottle and place a full deck of cards on top in the centre.

Everyone will take turns blowing the cards off the bottle and the person to blow off the last card has to drink one pint.

The goal is obviously to be careful not to be the person to blow the final card away while at the same time setting your opponent up for failure - a bit of a strategic drinking game.

4. Bulls**t

Each person has their own set of cards in-hand.

Each person lays their Aces down on the table and states how many Aces they have, true or not.

If an opponent thinks the statement is a lie they say 'Bulls**t' and if the statement was, in fact, a lie then the person who lied must take one drink for each card in the deck on the table.

And vice versa if the statement was true.


Beer Pong

We've all seen this one in movies so I'm sure you know how to play. If not, then let us begin.

The game is simple, two or more people (of even numbers) create two even triangles from lines of filled beer cups on the table.

Each team must try to bounce a ping pong ball off the table and into the opponents cup. If the ball goes in, the other team must drink the entire cup, and if not, the turn is simply over.

The other team must then make the same attempt. The winner is decided when all of the opposing team's cups are completely empty.

Honourable mentions

  • Baseball
  • Beer Checkers
  • Beer Pot
  • Chandeliers