Memes have in recent years become a huge part of online culture and no one can seem to escape. Why? nobody knows. People may possibly find comfort in the concept as a source of a little humour bundled into one picture. A picture says 1,000 words after all.

Memes may also serve as a great distraction from the torture of college life during the year and they are possibly a form of relief from the constant stress during the examination period.

However, there exist many offensive Memes on the internet, which should not be supported by anyone.

The main thing is, Memes exist and everyone loves em' so without further adieu, I present to you the 12 days of Memes.

Warning, minor offensive language in the form of swearing.

1. Salt Bae

Ahh, Nusret Gökçe the Turkish chef or, Salt Bae. Originally famous for sprinkling salt over a steak in 'extra' fashion. People have since edited the picture many times to make Salt Bae sprinkle a variety of words and objects.

2. Roll Safe

Roll safe, the man who always thinks. This meme features a man with his finger to his head to indicate that he is thinking intelligently. Alongside this image generally comes a witty caption. This meme will forever be in our hearts.

3. How Italians do things

The famous Italian stereotype of hand gestures has been reinvented by people in their comedic videos to make the gesture usable in everyday life including driving, cleaning, cooking, etc.

Oh, Italy how we love you.

4. Cash me outside

Ah yes, the young, defiant, teenager who wanted to fight an audience member on Dr. Phil. This meme has been left unaltered, I guess that's just how good the meme is.

6. Mocking Spongebob

If you ever wanted to annoy and mock someone, this is your go-to meme. The meme includes a hypothetical statement from someone you may know alongside an oddly shaped Spongebob from the popular Nickelodeon show.

Spongebob simply repeats the original statement with a variety of capital and small letters. The overall idea is finding the similarity to a child's response.

7. The floor is...

Ahh yes, the floor is.. everything. This meme shows a man doing the splits in the air with an accompanying caption of the writers choice in order to show avoidance but, any image of a person above the ground may be used.

The meme also includes other pictures of people lying on the ground or being in the ground in order to show a love for something.

8. You've heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for...

This image originally posted by f**kin-rockets on Tumblr shows a Pokemon Ash figure in their trash. From this one picture came an unstoppable stampede of similar, rhyming, implied memes.

9. Mans not hot

A meme that needs no introduction. Simply watch the video and listen to the words starting with "The thing goes..." near the end of the video.

10. Dead leg

This meme features the classic hand gesture you hated to see as a child whereby, if you looked and saw the symbol and it was below the waist, the person who made the symbol would be allowed to punch you.

Now it has returned with a vengeance to find new ways to punish its victims through pictures and videos alike.

11. Cracking open a cold one with the boys

A classic weekend meme. Nothing better than cracking open a cold one with the boys, rain, hail or shine.

12. Guys literally only want 1 thing and it's f**king disgusting

In October Twitter user 'Ash' released the titled Tweet aimed towards the male population. The unforgiving Internet reacted to this by using the image for every possible thing you can imagine. The image can now be found photoshopped with a second image below such as cars, science equations, etc.

Honourable mentions

  • Expanding mind
  • IT
  • Arthurs' fist
  • Fidget Spinners

I hope you enjoyed this list and here's hoping that 2018 brings even more Memes to the table to satisfy your cravings.

Merry Christmas!