Irish professional mixed martial artist/boxer, Conor Mcgregor, has always been a man of controversy with a mind for money and business, so it may come as no surprise if he intends to enter into Irish Politics in order to bring Ireland into a respectable state with many of its current problems left unresolved.

Conor McGregor's Facebook post

In the post, McGregor speaks of his various "thoughts" of today and goes on to speak solely of finance and post-sport athletes money and advises that each person must be careful with their money. McGregor then proceeds to speak specifically about Mike Tyson and his financial downfall since his retirement.

"Tyson made over 300 million in his fighting career and today stands at a net worth of just 1 million."

McGregor then proceeds to offer his words of wisdom;

"You must be switched on at all times with your money. We cannot switch off here. Know your money and where it is going at all times and never ever go broke, trying to look rich."

After these words of wisdom, he boasts of his success and his intelligence in the business world.

"I just posted a picture on a yacht sipping Fiji water from an ice cold glass before this. But trust me! I am the most intelligent also."

McGregor emphasises that everything is a "tactical move"... "Everything".

It is after these financial and strategy-focused statements where Conor McGregor builds towards his climatic announcement.

McGregor begins to speak of the new generation and how we must "lead our next generation's way of thinking."

He then proceeds to talk about his constant ageing and infers that he has a newfound interest in the Irish government and where its taxpayer's money is truly going as many of Ireland's severe issues remain unsolved.

"Now as I get older at 29 years of age, I find that I am becoming more and more interested in where much of the money in my home state has gone and where it actually goes when it comes in."

Conor McGregor claims that he see's issues "daily" that he dislikes, issues that "do not add up" and can be easily amended under "correct instruction"

McGregor then signs off his post "We shall see.

Stay woke at all times, kids."

What are the realistic possibilities?

Conor McGregor has proven time and time again that he has a great business mind when it comes to rising to the top and making money, he knows how to rile people up and get them excited. Throughout his career, he quickly climbed through the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) ranks and rightfully became the "Notorious" as the face of the UFC.

McGregor then made the jump to his first and only professional Boxing fight against Floyd Mayweather and released a movie documenting his life. Not to mention the numerous advertisements and sponsorships he has received.

Bottom line, Conor McGregor knows how business works and how to get what he wants. Therefore, there is a real possibility of him entering the race for the government given his consistent hunger for power as we saw from his desire to control the UFC last year.

But could he become a politician? Conor McGregor grew up in a working-class family so he may possibly have the working class peoples' support carried over from the UFC into politics.

However, only time will truly tell of his intentions and success.

As Conor McGregor would say: stay hungry.