As the 8 June General Election looms, the polls are becoming more prominent and important, even though they don’t really mean anything in the long run. Opinions have been affected by last night’s live debate (kind of) between Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Tory leader Theresa May, and the polls are changing.

Conservatives falling back as Labour stays steady

The Conservatives are losing their lead, although they’re still far off being behind Labour, who have seen no change in the polls. Some other polls are reporting a more drastic drop in the Conservative lead, but the Guardian/ICM poll shows the Tories dropping just 2 points to now have a lead of 12.

This is following a steady pattern of the Conservatives losing their exponential lead.

Anyway, here are the actual figures from the Guardian/ICM poll. The Conservatives are in the lead with a 45% approval, which is down 2 points from last week’s poll, while Labour comes in second place with 33%, which hasn’t changed since last week and is 12 points behind the Tories. And then comes the rest with little, straggly figures: Lib Dems down 1 point at 8%, UKIP up 1 point (despite Paul Nuttall’s preposterous debate performance last week) at 5%, and the Green Party up 1 point and now standing at 3%.