Incidents like the sexual assault scandals being leaked from Westminster and Southampton Itchen Conservative Association's attempt to prevent an ethnic minority candidate from standing in local elections do not reflect what the Conservative Party stands for. The people who engage in this inappropriate behaviour are in a minority in the party and do not represent the entire Tory Party.

"Labour talks about equality, but they do not demonstrate it"

Socialists love to preach that they believe in equality and diversity. They claim to have a monopoly over these issues.

What they put into practice is completely different to what they believe in given the current state of the Labour Party. In 2015, they had an opportunity to elect a female leader. Though they were not the most formidable politicians, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall would have made much better leaders than Jeremy Corbyn. Instead, Labour activists chose to elect the latter. Since then, a culture of discrimination has been actively encouraged at a grassroots level. The party has had its reputation damaged by claims of antisemitism. Photos of Labour meetings being separated by gender have gone viral throughout social media. Labour talks about equality, but they do not demonstrate it.

The Conservative Party's record is not perfect as the news over the last two weeks has proven.

But it is one all Tories can be proud of. In 1867, Conservative prime minister Benjamin Disraeli provided working men with the vote under the Great Reform Act.

When women over the age of 30 were awarded with voting rights in 1919, the party produced Britain's first female MP: Nancy Astor. Under Tory prime minister Stanley Baldwin in 1929, the franchise was extended to women over the age of 21.

"Labour and the Liberal Democrats have consistently failed to elect a female leader"

Whilst Labour and the Liberal Democrats have consistently failed to elect a female leader, the Conservatives have already produced two: Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

The party has a diverse range of MPs: Nadhim Zahawi, James Cleverly, the first Asian business secretary in Sajid Javid and Priti Patel.

Ms Patel may have resigned yesterday, but like Mr. Javid, she still had the privilege of serving as a government minister, regardless of her race.

It is easy to forget the Conservative Party is the party of aspiration when stories like Southampton Tories actively encouraging racism are leaked to the press. These incidents deserve exposure, but they must not detract from what the Tories are about: equality of opportunity.