If this story is true, it will certainly put a strain on the delicate and previously friendly relationship between the two democracies of America and india. According to a new report in the Washington Post, whenever US President Donald Trump tells his White House staff about a comment that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made to him that he wants to reiterate to them, he “imitates [Modi’s] accent.”

Apparently, thanks to Trump inviting Modi to the Oval Office a handful of times, the two world leaders have an amiable relationship. However, that should all change, since Trump does a racist Indian accent whenever he refers to him.

These reports are coming right on the heels of the President’s comments that Africa is a “sh*thole,” after which he promised reporters that he was “the least racist person” they would ever interview.

Modi is a fluent English speaker

Modi speaks and understands the English language perfectly, but his personal conversational preference is to use his native language of Hindi. Trump said recently that the Indian leader told him, “Never has a country given so much away for so little in return” as America in Afghanistan. He was making the point that the rest of the world sees Afghanistan as taking advantage of the US, but he did so in a racist Indian accent.