You may not have noticed, but it’s been bedlam in Washington for the past three days as the US federal Government has actually been shut down. The hashtag #TrumpShutdown began trending, because it’s all US President Donald Trump and his stupid border wall plan’s fault. As usual, the Democrats and the Republicans were divided on the issue of immigration.

They needed to come to an agreement on where the government spending should go with regards to immigration issues by a deadline three days ago or the government would have to be shut down, and of course, the Democrats and the Republicans, with President Trump in the middle of it all, came nowhere near to an agreement.

Trump and the Republicans wanted to spend the money on bolstering border patrol and making headway towards the construction of that stupid wall along the southern border between the US and Mexico.

The Democrats wanted to spend the money on helping “dreamer” immigrants to settle in America and follow the American dream and the plaque on the Statue of Liberty that says everyone can come in, no matter who they are or where they’re from, and basically everything that America is built on. “Dreamer” immigrants, of course, are undocumented migrants who came to the United States as babies or small children with their parents. In other words, they didn’t choose to be immigrants – they just are.

Government shutdown over as agreement reached

The Democrats and the Republicans have finally reached an agreement on the immigration issue, albeit very begrudgingly, so the federal government is now back up and running. The shutdown meant that no non-essential government employees could go into work and continue operations, who said that during the shutdown, they felt like they were “being used as pawns,” but after their little three-day vacation, they’re all back in the office now.

The deal that the two parties have made is in favour of the Republicans’ views that the money should be spent on helping border patrol to keep immigrants out, rather than to help immigrants that are already in America to settle down there.

However, this is only a short-term deal and it will expire on 8 February, after which there will be a vote on immigration legislation.

The Democratic officials are hoping that, in the long run, they will win. It ain’t over yet. As long as that Senate vote is upcoming and it’s in the bag and the fate of the “dreamer” immigrants is not yet totally decided, then there’s still hope. It’s like the end of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” with the little kid who has the Force. That’s what “dreamer” immigrants are. They are the future. Their fate will determine if Trump’s America truly has no soul. If this February vote goes well, then things could be looking up.

Donald Trump is ‘pleased’ the Democrats gave in

Chuck Schumer, who leads the Democrats in the Senate towards the light and is one of Donald Trump’s worst enemies, had to announce the concession on Monday after making a deal to fund the government for an additional three weeks on the condition that after those three weeks, there would be a vote on the immigration issue.

Another condition of the deal was that Chip, the health insurance program that provides coverage to over nine million children in the US, would be extended for a further six years.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell agreed to these conditions, and here we are. McConnell will put down an immigration bill in three weeks if the Republicans and Democrats can’t reach an agreement by then. It’s likely that they won’t reach an agreement, since the whole reason they are Republicans and Democrats is that their views on immigration are opposites.