In an exclusive report, Twitter employees have been caught on hidden cameras revealing they censor free speech.

Blasting News has obtained footage from undercover journalists working for Project Veritas, who claim their mission is to 'expose real news' and 'corrupt media and political elites', which reveals how the website monitors free speech.

"He purposefully closes pro-Trump accounts"

Mo Norai, a former Twitter content review agent, said that because the Social media site is "ninety per cent anti-Trump, maybe ninety-nine per cent anti-Trump", he purposefully closes pro-Trump accounts.

Mr. Norai admitted the rules on hate speech on Twitter are vague, but he allows left-leaning tweets to linger on the site unchecked. He justified this decision by saying the site's headquarters are located in California, which he described as a "very liberal and very blue state".

The former content reviewer also disclosed to investigative journalists that even though Twitter employees cannot make it official policy to ban conservative accounts, behind closed doors they are monitoring and deleting right-wing tweets.

Pranay Singh, who works as a direct messaging engineer at Twitter, said to undercover journalists that the social media site's employees use specific algorithms to target pro-Republican accounts.

When asked to explain how he achieves this, the engineer said they look for particular details that allow them to root out conservative accounts. He said it is easy to locate these profiles by typing in key words which can be found in people's profile descriptions and tweets, such as "pro-Trump", "guns", "the American flag", and "Jesus's cross"


Singh said Twitter is trying to remove "redneck" accounts in particular.

The engineer was unaware that Julian Assange's account was purposefully taken down.

"The social media site is working in collaboration with elements of the US Government to take down Donald Trump's Twitter account"

The engineer revealed that the website is working in collaboration with elements of the US Government to take down Donald Trump's Twitter account.

He also admitted Twitter receives requests from Capitol Hill to close certain celebrities' accounts, though he would not disclose to the secret journalists which celebrities they are targetting.

Former Twitter engineer Conrado Miranda disclosed to investigative journalists that it is not a rumour the social media site is closing conservative and pro-Trump accounts. He said it is actually happening.

When asked about the methods the website uses to close these accounts, Mr. Miranda said they use filters to target specific accounts. The former engineer said they will monitor all tweets which have been posted since the social media site was founded in 2006 and delete them over time.

Project Veritas also uncovered new methods employees will use to police Twitter further.

"There's going to be a lot of bad press if people figure out you're 'shadow banning' them. It's unethical"

Former Twitter software engineer Abhinav Vadrevu said Twitter can ban certain accounts, but they would not be aware they have been banned, because they would keep posting tweets and no one will respond.

He added: "There's going to be a lot of bad press if people figure out you're 'shadow banning' them. It's unethical."

Another software engineer, Steven Pierre, said he is working on a new strategy called 'machine learning.' He revealed to investigative journalists that: "It's not going to ban the human mindset, it's going to ban, like, a way of talking."

During a drinks reception, Olinda Hassan, Twitter's Policy Manager for Trust and Safety, said on a secret recording: "We're trying not to get the s***ty people to not show up.

It's a product thing we're working on."

Project Veritas was founded by American conservative political activist James O'Keefe in June 2010.

You can watch their video footage interviewing Twitter employees on their website or YouTube.