The US federal government is up and running again after it had been officially shut down for three days. The Republicans and the Democrats couldn’t reach an agreement on the issue of where the immigrant funding should go – should it go to helping the “dreamer” immigrants to settle in America (the Democrats’ answer) or should it go to bolstering border patrol to ensure that immigrants can’t get into America (the Republicans’ answer)?

US President Donald Trump was firmly on the side of keeping them out, with an aim to start the construction of his asinine wall between the US and Mexico.

Now, the Government Shutdown is over and it’s up and operational again, thanks to the Democrats caving under the reign of Trump and agreeing to spend more money on military and border patrol and other oppressive forces. The President is “pleased” about this.

Trump struck a patronising tone with his statement

Trump said that he is glad that the Democratic Party’s elected officials within the federal government have “come to their senses” and allowed him to have his way so that non-essential government employees could go back to work. Trump promised that now the government is open again, he will make “a long-term deal on immigration” in the future, but “only if it is good for our country.”