It seemed like all the details of US President Donald Trump’s affair with Porn Star Stormy Daniels and the $130,000 settlement that he paid to silence her from a private company and using a fake name and how it happened a year after he married First Lady Melania had been revealed. But now, there’s been a new and interesting (albeit pretty gross) development in the reveal that Trump apparently likes to be spanked.

The affair had already produced the sordid reveal that Trump told Daniels that she reminded him of his daughter, which is what attracted him to her.

The President has previously made horribly sexual comments about his daughter Ivanka, who he once said he “would be dating” if he wasn’t her father. That never gets any less disgusting, no matter how many times you hear it.

Trump made Daniels spank him with a copy of Forbes that had himself on the cover

In a leaked email from some Democratic Party political consultants who worked with Daniels when she considered running for a seat in the US Senate, Daniels revealed that Trump once made her spank him with a copy of Forbes magazine. The edition of Forbes magazine in question featured Trump himself on the cover with his son Donald, Jr. and that daughter he’s sexually attracted to, Ivanka, so take that how you will. Psychologists will be having a field day when they read this. Sigmund Freud is turning in his grave.