The Wall Street Journal has published a report that claims that in October 2016, a month before the craziest Presidential election of all time, there was a nondisclosure agreement organised between one of Donald Trump’s lawyers, Michael Cohen, and Stephanie Clifford (famous as Stormy Daniels in the pornographic films that she stars in), who accused the real estate mogul of sexual misconduct, like so many other women have.

It could have jeopardised Trump’s chances of winning if this allegation got out, which claims that the incident happened in July 2006 when he met Clifford at a celebrity golf tournament.

It’s worth noting that this is one year after The Donald married his wife Melania. The agreement, which included a financial settlement of $130,000, “precluded her from publicly discussing” the allegation, thus ensuring her silence (until now).

White House officials deny the claim

white house officials, like Trump himself, have been vehemently denying any allegations of sexual assault or misconduct made against the President, and this one is no different, although they refused to comment on the nondisclosure agreement. What’s so audacious about what the White House did with this one is that Cohen sent a statement to the Wall Street Journal addressed “To whom it may concern” and signed “Stormy Daniels” (the accuser’s nom de plume) that denied that the allegation was true – but this was written by Cohen! That’s what’s so crazy about it! And these people are in the White House. It’s not even funny.