Dr. Ronny Jackson, the white house physician, carried out a physical examination on US President Donald Trump recently. Mental health professionals were unhappy that the doctor didn’t carry out any basic psychological examinations on the President, who has been showing signs of dementia recently that led him to tweet a brag about being “like, really smart.”

But Trump’s physical health should be a concern, too. According to Dr. Jackson, the President weighs 239 lb, so he’s putting him on a diet and exercise regimen that will see him lose between 10 and 15 pounds over his next year in the Oval Office (and, with any luck, his last).

After the concerns about his health, Trump became frustrated and insisted to Reuters news agency that he does in fact do some exercise. He said, “I get exercise. I mean, I walk, I this, I that. I run over to a building next door.” So, that’s his current exercise regimen: walk, this, that, run next door. Holy cow, can we enter him into the next Olympics??

Trump does not believe in exercise

Trump does not believe in the health benefits of exercise. According to the book “Trump Revealed,” he sees exercise and sports as a waste of time and energy. He has this belief that isn’t based in any science (like his views on climate change) that humans are born with a specific amount of energy and exercise just depletes it unnecessarily.