US President Donald Trump had a short break over the holidays, but he’s back in full force now with a series of typically controversial and divisive tweets that you wouldn’t expect a world leader (especially one in the position that often gets dubbed “the leader of the free world”) to post if they were in their right mind. As a matter of fact, some mental health professionals have become concerned recently that the President is showing early signs of dementia in his rhetoric.

Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations is furious

Richard Haass, an American diplomat who is the chief of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is a think tank that’s been set up in Washington to figure out ways to sort things out, has noted his anger at what Trump’s been up to in the last 24 hours with his tweet storm, listing three things that he’s done – two that he’s threatened to do and one that he’s actually done.

For starters, he’s threatened to cut all the US aid being sent “to nuclear-armed, terrorist-laden Pakistan” and “to miffed Palestinians” (after already causing upset in the nation after changing the US policy with regards to Jerusalem), and he also boasted that his “nuclear button” is “much bigger and more powerful” than that of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

After listing all of these things that Trump has done to upset the balance of the world and go out of his way to stop the country that he’s in charge of from moving forward, Haass simply said, “This is our commander-in-chief. Think about it.”