US President Donald Trump has always used his anger and the fact that he flies off the handle the second he is criticised or doesn’t get his way as a political tool. His supporters see this as a good thing, because he “says it how it is,” whereas his detractors are alarmed at just how startlingly unprofessional his behaviour is, especially considering he is the most powerful man on the planet.

However, the critics of Trump have taken a turn from balking at his policies and mocking his rhetoric and are now genuinely worried about whether or not a man with his mental condition is fit to be running a country.

Mental Health Professionals have joined the pool of Trump critics that includes Alec Baldwin, Stephen Colbert, and even Kim Kardashian. One of the main concern of these mental health experts is that based on some of Trump’s personal tweets – and news stories about him – continually suggest that he strongly believes in conspiracy theories that have been debunked completely.

There’s been no other point in American history where a collective of mental health experts have been worried simultaneously and on the same wavelength about a sitting President’s mental state, so this is all the more reason for concern. One forensic psychiatrist has said that Trump’s behaviour is “almost typical” – but only for the kind of patients they see, which are mostly violent offenders, and not for an elected official who is the leader of the free world.

Other countries with this problem have been devastated by the results

America has never had a leader this unstable before, leading them into inevitable doom, but other countries have and it has always ended terribly when no one has done anything about it. The concerns of these mental health professionals have been collected into a book entitled “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” which includes worries about the volatile President’s mental state from 27 different experts, and has been flying off the bookshelves, becoming an immediate bestseller around the United States.

It just goes to show that other Americans are worried about their mentally imbalanced President.

The mental health experts aren’t just concerned about Trump himself – they’re concerned about the effects he’s having on the mental health of everyone else in America. His constant tweeting and impulsive decision-making makes for a 24/7 cycle of news stories, which is not only exhausting people, but also creating a kind of “shared psychosis” between the President and the public.

This usually happens when mentally healthy people spend a lot of time in close proximity to mentally unhealthy people, except it’s different now, because it’s the American public being more or less in a sort of close quarters with their President.

It doesn’t take a professional to see that Trump is wacky

It does not take a mental health professional or even an expert to see that Donald Trump’s temperament and impulsiveness are a danger to the United States. Just look at the way he communicates with volatile, nuke-toting North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. They’re playing a game of chicken, except the end of the game – no matter who wins – is global nuclear warfare. There is clearly something up when it comes to his mental health.

It’s hard to draw parallels between politics and medicine, since they are two completely different fields with completely different schools of thought and skillsets required, but if a group of 27 mental health professionals and experts are worried about the sitting President of the United States in a way that they never have before, then something is seriously wrong.