A secret document leaked to Blasting News reveals the shocking extent of EU control over people's lives since 1993.

The Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992 and a year later, a group of MEPs formulated the 'Reflection on Information and Communication Policy of the European Union', with a plan to brainwash Europe's citizens into supporting the trading bloc.

The document's authors regarded the then European Economic Community to be facing a critical stage in its existence, as it transitioned towards becoming a European Union. They blamed politicians and inadequate communication methods for failing to deliver the 'positive' message from Europe.

'Their institutions must empathise with Europe's citizens'

The text stressed that European officials must understand the concerns of people in everyday life and that their institutions should empathise with Europe's citizens.

It reveals how Brussels planned to use the continent's schools to brainwash children into learning about the 'benefits' of the EU. It states: 'The communication of Europe must be a continuous process of education, culture and formation, starting at secondary school stage.

'The events leading up to European Union are explained to, and understood, by school children'

'School books should be reviewed, not in order to rewrite history, but to ensure that a European dimension is given to our past, and that the events leading up to European Union are explained to, and understood, by school children.'

The document places particular emphasis on 'European weeks' designed to appeal to Europe's secondary age pupils.

It stressed the need of attracting disaffected European citizens, with a focus on appealing to women, the youth and journalists.

The text states: 'Women are more likely to recognise intuitively, and faster than men, the existential advantages of a better tomorrow.'

It also exposes how the EU intended to target the youth, stating that it would be wise to gain their support because they are the less resistant towards the trading bloc than older generations.

The document's authors wanted to ensure that young people understood that they have access to a good education and decent jobs because of the European Union.

"They intended to target disaffected citizens by creating European groups designed to gain people's approval for the EU"

The document's authors outlined how they intended to target disaffected citizens by creating European groups designed to gain people's approval for the EU.

These groups were provided with specific names like "European Union to the General Public", "European Union to the Business Community", "European Union to Women" and "European Union to Youth."

The additional purpose behind these groups was to persuade European citizens of the EU's benefits with an intention of enlarging the organisation.

The text stated how the EU should try to gain approval of the European project from journalists. It said: "Newspapers and reporters must themselves be targeted, they must themselves be persuaded about the European Union. It is critical to change their opinions first, so that they become enthusiastic supporters of the cause."

The document's authors wanted to introduce a European dimension into games, fiction and TV shows.

They also wanted to collaborate with broadcasters to persuade people of the purpose behind the EU's institutions.

It also mentioned the need for pamphlets with a focus on 'what Europe is doing for you.'

George Connolly, the UKIP candidate for Wyre Forest at last year's general election, told Blasting News: "For 25 years, Nigel Farage and UKIP have been saying this and we have been classed by the 'establishment' as fruitcakes and loonies to name but a few.

"The United States of Europe is now becoming ever prevalent in our daily lives. When we finally leave the dictatorship, we will no longer be subject to their bureaucracy, deceit and lies. Bring on Independence Day!"

Conservative MP Heidi Allen was approached for comment, but declined to do so.

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