US President Donald Trump has pulled America out of a United Nations agreement that would ensure 60 million migrants worldwide human rights, education, and employment. Everything about the deal smelled fishy to Trump – it has the support of Barack Obama and it’s kicking off on Monday in Mexico. Nikki Haley, the UN ambassador for the US, was the one left to make the announcement, and she was given the tough task of putting a positive spin on it.

Haley’s statement dodged all the difficult points

In a statement released on Saturday, Haley said, “America is proud of our immigrant heritage,” although they’re doing nothing to help the immigrant heritage of future generations.

She also noted the “longstanding moral leadership in providing support” to migrants, but this is questionable. It’s definitely questionable under Trump’s leadership.

Haley said that immigration decisions made by the US government will “always be made by Americans and Americans alone.” Great, so there’s a lot of intelligence behind them – all those great minds at work. Haley said that America will make their own decisions about “how best to control our borders and who will be allowed to enter our country.” Just listen to the UN, for God’s sake.