The administration of US President Donald Trump has made the decision to withdraw the United States from a great new pact that the United Nations have made. Their ambitious strategy will create more human conditions for migrants, because apparently that would screw with the autonomy (read: bureaucracy) of America. The UN plan supposedly runs perpendicular to the immigration policies of the United States, so they’re not abiding by it.

This is the second time that Trump has been dumb enough to pull out of a global pact made by the UN. He pulled America out of the landmark deal signed by his predecessor, Barack Obama – the Paris agreement – and it will quickly accelerate the downfall of the environment and kill a bunch of species and flood the whole planet.

The announcement about the migration plan came from Nikki Haley, who’s unfortunate enough to be the US ambassador to the UN.

New migration strategy scheduled to begin in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Monday

Haley told the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, over the weekend that Trump’s intentions were to stop any American commitment from being made to the worldwide pact on migration within the UN. The United Nations opened a conference up to the entire world to discuss the new migration schedule, which is slated to begin in the Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta on Monday.

The Mexican location may have played some role in Trump’s decision, since he hates Mexico and everyone in it.

At one point during his campaign, he branded every single Mexican person a “rapist.” Bit of a generalisation. So, a plan to help them came up and the racist swooped in to make sure to hinder it however he could (and he can hinder it a lot – we’re living in the Twilight Zone, so he’s the most powerful person in the whole, entire, bloody world).

This migration plan was made within the UN as early as last year, when all 193 members of the general assembly of the UN decided to enter into a non-binding political declaration. The declaration promised to ensure refugees their human rights, aid them in settling back down into a civilisation, and make sure that they all had proper access to education and gainful employment.

It was a unanimous decision made by the entirety of the UN general assembly. And now Trump has come along to screw it all up.

The declaration has been called “the New York declaration for refugees and migrants”

The new migration strategy has been dubbed the New York declaration for refugees and migrants (which isn’t as catchy as “the Paris agreement,” but has just as many positive effects). It’s helpful, so of course, Trump had to jump in to put a stop to it. Obama was very enthusiastic about it, which may also have factored into Trump’s decision to pull out. As long as Obama likes it and it helps Mexico, he’ll distance himself as far away from it as possible.

The aim is to implement it fully by September 2018

The goal with the migration declaration is to have it fully implemented by September next year. By then, as long as enough countries are on board and everything goes according to plan – migrants being moved in safely, systematically, and frequently – then the UN general assembly will be able to put the New York declaration for refugees and migrants properly into motion, where it will become actually binding and racists like Trump can’t pull out and make life a living hell for the races they hate.

Everyone in the US who is foolish and intolerant enough to get behind Trump’s “America first!” policy will be rejoicing the fact that he’s pulling out of an agreement that, thinking logically, will make the world a better place. This agreement will help the 60 million people who are currently without a home and looking for a place to hang their hats. Trump should go and read what it says on the Statue of Liberty.