Satirical political writer, Matt Taylor has been arrested for the fourth time this year, the latest following a complaint by actor Ricky Dearman, that he had posted a malicious video entitled 'Hampstead Revisited.'

The self-publicist was first arrested in February for allegedly harassing and stalking the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne. While the criminal investigation was dropped due to a lack of evidence, Katy Bourne and her Chief Executive Officer Mark Streater won a civil case against him, leaving him with a £23,000 cost bill.

Banned from ever mentioning Bourne and Streater again, Taylor was further arrested for breaking his bail conditions and again for the possession of two indecent photographs, of which a trial is set for later this year.

Defending himself

Defending himself he says all his “videos are satire and parody, published to highlight controversial and taboo subjects such as satanic ritual abuse, child-abuse and false-flag events, which the mainstream media would never address”.

Like the deputy Prime Minister Damien Green, who finds himself in a pornographic scandal, Taylor vehemently denies downloading any illegal pornography.

Hampstead Heath satanic cover-up

Ricky Dearman gained notoriety after a video was released in which his children accused him of being a satanic cult leader, rapist and murderer.

He was famously interviewed by BBC anchorwoman Victoria Derbyshire, during which he broke down in tears, as he recalled the horror of being accused of such hideous crimes by his own children.

While no criminal investigation has been conducted in relation to the Hampstead allegations, Mrs Justice Pauffley cleared Dearman of all wrongdoing following an internal investigation, after she concluded anyone who believed the children to be "foolish, and or, evil."

It's a Hoax

Commonly believed to be a hoax, staged to discredit Dearman by his ex-wife Ella Draper and her boyfriend Abraham Christie, the children are thought to have been coached to tell their story, after being forced to do so by violence and the forced feeding of cannabis soup.

Defending himself, Taylor believes Satanism is the most pressing danger facing society over and above terrorism, disease and global warming.

He said, "This is about good versus evil, God versus Satan. I've been fighting and highlighting police corruption since 2012. The nightmare I now find myself in is a direct result of the corrupt police fighting back."