US President Donald Trump is furious that a jury has acquitted Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, an Undocumented Immigrant who shot and killed Kate Steinle back in 2015. He branded this a “disgraceful verdict” and has used the case to reinforce his border policies, which have not gotten very far in Washington since he took office.

Trump used this particular crime to fuel a lot of his anti-Mexican rhetoric while he was on the campaign trail for the 2016 Presidential election. To be fair, it is terrible that Garcia Zarate has been acquitted for committing such a heinous crime, and something probably is wrong with the US/Mexico border when the guy had been deported five times before he shot and murdered Steinle, and kept managing to get back in before killing someone.

Something actually is wrong.

Trump slams ‘weakly protected Obama border’

Trump has slammed “the weakly protected Obama border” for allowing the killer to get back into America time and time again, “always committing crimes and being violent,” information that the President claims “was not used in court.” He called the acquittal “a complete travesty of justice” (although he wouldn’t say this about a white cop who was acquitted for shooting a black teenager dead for looking at him funny). Trump concluded his tweet with that all-too-familiar sentiment: “BUILD THE WALL!”