Another day and another controversy over the infamous president has seen animal rights activists and animal-loving celebrities such as Ricky Gervais and Chelsea Clinton calling trump out for his latest repeal.

As of Friday, Barack Obama’s 2014 ban will no longer be in effect and legally hunted elephant parts will be allowed to be imported from Zambia and Zimbabwe.

African Elephants are on the US endangered species list, but the law will permit parts of the animal to be imported if the profit will, in fact, be of benefit to that specie's conservation.

Many, like the Elephant Project, have advised this repeal of the law will encourage further poaching of the endangered elephants.

Ricky Gervais has pinned the tweet he has aimed at Trump on his account and says that it is a blow to the survival of the species.

Elephants face extinction

The law doesn’t surprise a lot of people with Donald Trump Jnr the President’s son being previously photographed holding a knife and elephant's tail next to the corpse of an elephant.

Both of Trump’s sons are avid hunters.

The world cried out in outrage when Cecil the Lion was hunted unnecessarily in 2015, and with the new law in effect it may lead to many more needless deaths. Animal rights groups have reported African Elephants could be extinct in a decade.

The newest controversial decision is just another one to add to the ever-growing list the President has accumulated in just over a year.

On Wednesday the infamous Tweeter took to the social media site to express his condolences over a mass shooting that occurred in California only to quote the Texas shooting which happened last week. The tweet has now been hastily deleted when many pointed out the error.

The controversial President

Trump has ruffled many feathers with his arguably controversial views such as building a wall to keep the ‘criminal’, Mexicans from illegally entering the US, working on repealing Obama Care, defending Vladimir Putin and even publicly accusing Obama of wiretapping him.

He referred to Kim Jong Un as a ‘little rocket man’, and imposed a travel ban from those entering the US from some Muslim countries.

Trump is also reportedly under investigation regarding Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election that saw him beat Hilary Clinton to the White House.

Those via social media have said that his son’s love of hunting that have influenced this decision. Once again, the President has caused mass outrage across the globe on the Trump Administrations latest act.