US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account is his favourite thing in the world. It’s his baby. If he didn’t have his Twitter account, he wouldn’t have his Presidency, and for eleven minutes yesterday, he didn’t have it, because an employee of the social network shut it down on his last day. For eleven minutes yesterday, if you tried to access the @realDonaldTrump account, it said, “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

Twitter is going crazy about it

The whole thing has got Twitter going bananas. The so-called “Twitter Government” tweeted that the account was shut down by a “customer support employee” who did it on his “last day.” They promised that they are “conducting a full internal review” to investigate the matter.

Relax, for God’s sake! Deactivating Trump’s Twitter account might prevent World War III. Some noble, brave guy did it. And Twitter brought it back, so we have them to thank for the impending nuclear war with North Korea.

Trump and his staff have often attributed his success in the 2016 Presidential election to his Twitter account. He once said that if someone annoys him, he can go “bing, bing, bing on Twitter” and take care of it. However, the FBI have found that Trump’s success in the election can be attributed to shady deals with the Russian government instead.