The Scottish Conservatives have launched a blistering attack on a Scottish National Party (SNP) MP for proposing a second independence referendum if scotland is ignored on Brexit.

The news comes as The Scotsman newspaper broke the story that SNP frontbencher Tommy Shepherd ended a brief pause in a debate Westminster Hall was holding on the constitution, vowing to issue a second independence referendum if the Conservative Government goes ahead with leaving the EU without Holyrood's consent.

He was quick to reiterate that the referendum would not be held until Britain's EU withdrawal has been completed.

Mr. Shepherd said during the discussion that if Westminster ignored the Scottish Government, then the mandate is there, and it will be executed. The SNP MP said this is because his party give the people of Scotland a right to decide.

This is in direct contradiction to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's announcement after this year's general election that she would reset her party's timetable for a second vote, due to the Nationalists' losses this year.

"The Scottish Conservatives are committed to delivering Brexit"

Adam Tomkins, MSP for Glasgow and the Scottish Tories' constitutional spokesperson, told Blasting News that it is time the SNP listened for once, and committed the Scottish Conservatives to delivering a Brexit that worked for the whole of the United Kingdom.

Ross Thomson, Conservative MP for Aberdeen South, joined his party in urging the Nationalists to listen to the Scottish Tories. He said the SNP is failing to listen to the people and that Tommy Shepherd has once again shown the Nationalists will use any excuse to take Scotland back to a second referendum.

"It's a complete outrage"

He said it's a complete outrage and accused Nicola Sturgeon of trying to divide the country in two.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats provided Blasting News with a response to Mr. Shepherd's threat, saying: "The people of Scotland do not want an independence referendum and a Scotland outside both the UK and the EU would do irreversible damage to our economy.

"Liberal Democrats stand for the majority of people in Scotland who want to see Scotland at the heart of the UK and the UK at the heart of Europe."

Ms Sturgeon visited the Prime Minister at Downing Street earlier in the week to try and end the deadlock between their respective governments over the Brexit Bill that was being debated in Parliament earlier this week.

"Constructive and cordial"

Even though the First Minister described the 45-minute talks as "constructive and cordial", she said that neither her nor Mrs May had reached an agreement over the Brexit Bill.

The Scottish and Welsh governments are refusing to put the EU Withdrawal Bill forward for debate in their respective assemblies unless substantial alterations are made.

They argue the changes are necessary to prevent a "power grab" as the Bill would return responsibilities in devolved areas such as agriculture from Brussels to London rather than Cardiff or Edinburgh.

The UK Government has not yet specified which powers will be returning to the devolved assemblies, despite promising them that significant powers will be returned to them after Britain fully withdraws from the EU.

In a fresh bid to prevent MPs warning the UK would leave the trading bloc without a deal if they vote against it, Brexit Secretary David Davis told politicians that they would be able to scrutinise the final deal and vote on it before March 29th 2019.

The Scottish Government was approached for comment by Blasting News to provide their response to Mr. Shepherd's comments, but failed to do so.

Scottish Labour were also asked to reply to Mr. Shepherd's remarks, but ignored Blasting News' request.