Members of Young Conservatives (YCs) have called on the Chancellor to create more affordable homes for young people in today's Budget.

Philip Hammond is expected to issue new powers to fund house-building, which include allowing more housing associations to be reclassified as private bodies to allow them to build new social houses. He is also committing the Government to a target of constructing 300,000 new homes a year.

The Budget will be delivered following Prime Minister's Questions, which starts at 12pm today.

Blasting News has contacted a few members of the YCs from a wide variety of different backgrounds in the Conservative Party as part of a "Budget Special" to provide their views on what policies they would like to see the Chancellor announce today.

Housing seems to be the number one priority for many young Tories who were approached for comment.

"A generation that are living with their parents until their 30s"

Sophie Tyrrell, the Conservative candidate for Penylan ward at this year's local elections, told Blasting News: "The Government needs to provide enough money to ensure that affordable housing can be built. We're having a generation that are living with their parents until their 30s in some cases due to high rental prices. Those in the rental market are struggling to get on the properly ladder because houses are simply too expensive.

"We need to increase supply in order to make home ownership more accessible to young people."

She also called on the Government to invest more in infrastructure to expand single line tracks into double ones and provide more value for money.

Adam Lawless, a YC member from Worcester, agrees that the Government must spend more on the housing market. But he also urged the Chancellor to consider investing more in defence spending and scrapping "pointless" schemes like HS2.

"Mr. Hammond may do something to reform stamp duty"

There has been widespread speculation that Mr.

Hammond may do something to reform stamp duty in England, which has been criticised for penalising many first-time buyers. Estate agent Savills told BBC News the average stamp duty bill for first-time buyers is £2,700.

Scotland has already amended stamp duty to enable more young people to enter the housing market. Wales is expected to introduce a similar policy from April 2018.

This is a move that will be welcomed by Essex University YC member, Cameron Winstanley, who said a reduction in stamp duty is necessary, along with attempts to meet the deficit target and ensure people are living within their means.

Will Taylor, Chairman for Mid Worcestershire YCs, wants Mr. Hammond to go further, and create modern prefabricated houses that are cheap for young people and built by private companies, as opposed to the Government. He said this would allow many millennials to become self-sufficient members of society.

It is anticipated he will address the lack of productivity in the economy at the moment. The Chancellor said he wants to invest in driverless cars and offer discounted rail travel for people up to the age of 30.

Many commentators are watching closely for any changes to the public sector pay cap, which has been in place since 2010, and the four-year benefit freeze on those claiming Jobseeker's Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Housing Benefit and Child Benefit.

There has been little speculation as to whether "sin taxes" on cigarettes and alcohol will be changed.

"Conservative principles have taught us to never ignore individuals in need"

Liam Pem, a Lambeth YC member, said: "This Budget is the Conservative Party's chance to show just how good conservatism can be in the modern day. A focus on mental health, education and helping those in society that need a helping hand.

"Conservative principles have taught us to never ignore individuals in need- our Budget needs to reflect this."


Hammond will issue a spring statement in late February or early March, which will provide updates on the nation's finances.

Philip Hammond was made Chancellor following Theresa May's appointment as Prime Minister in July 2016.